Welcome to SonFlower Ranch

This dream that's become a reality has been created out of a passion for birds and animals and their healthy existence into the best living experience they can provide for them.  Seven years ago, they moved to the property that is now the ranch and in that time until now have transformed the acreage from a house and land into a beautiful sanctuary for our cows, horses, alpacas, miniature donkeys, emu’s, mini Nubian goats, pigs, turkeys, pea fowl, pheasants, ducks and geese.
This transformation has taken place using their collective talents.  Keith Gunn, who learned everything he knows about animals from being a vet tech as well as lots of experience raising birds and animals, has worked toward acquiring and breeding the almost 300 animals/birds that reside at SonFlower Ranch.  Keith is always happy to answer any questions you might have about the animals and their care.  They have great support from their veterinarian and farrier and are happy to pass along those resources when asked.  Keith also has developed a line of soaps and lotions made from goats milk, room and body sprays, facial oils, lip balm as well as honey from their bee hives.  Those are available at the ranch or at sonflowerranch.com to purchase.

 Mike King has taken the role of the builder and landscaper.  Many of the buildings on the property were constructed by Mike and Keith and the grounds are landscaped to provide a welcoming environment when you visit the ranch.  Mike also enjoys spending time with the animals. 

 Currently there are spacious 30' x 60' paddocks with a loafing shed for those horses that are boarded on the property.  These paddocks have matted stalls for the horses as well as fresh water 24/7 to keep them healthy. 

 The ranch is a great venue for holding picnics, birthday party’s, reunions, and weddings as well as providing wagon hay rides to bring back the nostalgia of earlier years.  This work an the progress is amazing and with the combination of Keith and Mike's creativity,  it is sure to become a favorite place for you to visit.

 When you visit Sonflower Ranch, you will find a place that removes you from the hectic nature of your daily existence and brings you back to living in an environment that honors the best things in life....plants, animals, and living off the land.  Stop by and visit us.  We'll be open most every day in the summer.​